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Medical Doctor, Psychiatric Specialist.
Enrolled in the Albo dei Periti e dei Consulenti del Tribunale di Lodi. (Professional Register.)

Dottor Davide Manghi

Doctor Davide Manghi receives:
  • in Lodi, Via IV Novembre, 21
  • in Milano, Corso Vercelli, 5

  • Phone: +39 335 52.35.579
    Fax: +39 371 95.31.12
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    Legal Medical Consultancy

    The work of a Forensic Psychiatrist involves not only supplying technical consultancy on legal medical issues, but also considering the existential difficulties of the individual facing the conflict, who experiences the need to listen and answer to the demands of the judicial system.
    It is therefore a form of legal medical activity that requires a capacity for identification and empathic listening, as well as experience and technical competence.
    The legal medical consultancy carried out by Doctor Manghi concerns both giving opinions on matters of forensic psychiatry (biological damage of a psychic nature; capacity or incapacity; damage caused by mobbing; damage caused by grief; etc.) and on matters of Family Law (evaluating parental responsibility, internal family relationships, etc.).

    Psychotherapy and Psychiatric Consultancy

    Specialised psychiatric consultancy can be sought regarding various types of psychological malaise: depression, problems of anxiety, psychosomatic issues, sleep problems, eating issues, disturbed personalities, psychosis.
    These questions can be tackled with drugs or with psychotherapy, two different forms of therapy but not for that reason mutually exclusive.
    The pharmacological approach is usually employed to tackle the symptoms, eliminating or minimising them in the shortest time possible.
    On the other hand, psychotherapy, in the form of psychoanalysis, deals with the individual as a collection of thoughts and feelings, supporting him in a process of change that is by necessity gradual.
    The conversations, on a weekly or fortnightly basis, become a journey through memories, feelings, experiences and states of being that make up the identity of each one of us.


    Doctor Manghi is extensively involved in training activities, both for socio-sanitary field workers (offering courses on rehabilitation techniques and psychotherapy based largely on expressive methods), and on working with families (evaluation and intervention in matters of parental competence; the role of the Technical Consultant in the Minors Court). These have been carried out on behalf of:

    • Amministrazione Provinciale di Milano
    • Amministrazione Provinciale di Lodi
    • ASL di Como
    • ASL di Legnano,
    • Cooperativa O.SA.LA. Di Roma
    • Cooperativa IL MOSAICO di Lodi,
    • Liceo Statale Virgilio di Milano
    • CFP Canossa di Lodi,fb
    • Istituto Einaudi di Lodi
    • LE CODE di Bruxelles

    The themes of some recent sessions (2005-2008) have been:

    Justice for Minors:

    • "Parental competence"
    • "Answering the judges question"
    • "The interests of minors in psychological and legal thinking"

    Field workers:

    • "Say something; the operators expressive abilities"
    • "Mental unease; theoretical and practical aspects of intervention"
    • "Video-communication"


    • "Adolescence and the idea of self"
    • "The middle ground of adolescence – Expressivity and sense of self"
    • "Expression workshop on the dynamics of adolescence"

    Psychotherapy and expressive mediation

    Doctor Manghi works on developing techniques based on the capacity for expression.
    The common theme of these techniques is the encouragement to produce expressive material (montages, photographs, poems, videos, …), thinking of them always as something that contains within itself traces of whoever has made it. In this search for the original traces of its creator, this expressive material takes on the role of an important and vivid focus for the presentation of self.
    The assembled materials, elaborated using various techniques, constitute a multiform self-portrait, every element having in common the same author. Special attention is given to video techniques, a series of procedures that place the subject in front of his own videoed image.
    The image of oneself provokes unexpected impressions and states of mind, and makes it possible to perceive aspects of oneself from an “external” point of view - the image of ourselves that other people see.
    The video work comprises various stages: videoconfrontation (where the subject is placed in front of his own video image and is asked to comment on what he sees); psyvideoclip (short video clips in which the subject performs certain tasks on camera, with the only proviso that they do not speak); videogenealogy (the subject places some photographs pertaining to his life history in front of the camera and comments on them); finishing with some improvisations and video creations.
    A book on this subject was published by FrancoAngeliEditore in 2006: “Vedere se stessi.
    La psicoterapia mediata dal video”. Various expression projects are currently running in conjunction with organizations such as Caritas Lodigiana, the Comune of Lodi, schools in Milan and Lodi, The Bergognone di Lodi Socio-educational Centre, adolescent groups.