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Medical Doctor, Psychiatric Specialist.
Enrolled in the Albo dei Periti e dei Consulenti del Tribunale di Lodi. (Professional Register.)

Dottor Davide Manghi

Doctor Davide Manghi receives:
  • in Lodi, Via IV Novembre, 21
  • in Milano, Corso Vercelli, 5

  • Phone: +39 335 52.35.579
    Fax: +39 371 95.31.12
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    Doctor Davide Manghi was born in 1952.
    He graduated in 1976 and went on to complete a specialisation in psychiatry at the University of Milan.
    He has worked in the Servizio Psichiatrico Territoriale (local state psychiatric services) for over 16 years, with a focus on psychotherapy, the rehabilitation of chronic patients and the management and implementation of the work of the Psychiatric Community.
    For a period, he had a contract with the University of Pavia as a Professor of Psychosocial Rehabilitation.
    He has also been in charge of the Department for Psychotic Patients at the private clinic “Le Betulle” at Appiano Gentle in the Province of Como.
    He collaborates with various cooperatives and companies on the management of Psychiatric Communities and staff supervision.

    He has been a freelance professional since 1992, with a private practice as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist in both Lodi and Milan.

    He has been collaborating since the 90s as a Technical Consultant for the Law Courts in Milan and Lodi and with the Minors’ Tribunal in Milan.

    At the same, time he has worked as a Private Technical Consultant and also consults on staff training projects.